Do HA granulomas go away on their own?

Hello, 2 months ago I got a filler injected in my lips that is called "Uma Jeunesse Ultra". Now I have 3 granulomas in my lips that are pretty hard. One of them hurts a little. Will they go away by themselves by time? Or will they have to be excised? The filler contains 24mg HA per ml, crosslinked with BDDE, the crosslinking rate is 98% and the particle size 300 micrometres (?). Thank you!

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Thanks for the question.  Generally, HA fillers are reabsorbed over time.  However, if you want speedier resolution, you may consult with a physician for options.  Dissolving the HA filler with hyaluronidase is one consideration.  If that is ineffective, I then consider making a small incision and trying to express the filler/granuloma out.  I suggest you consult with a plastic surgeon or dermatologist in your area.  Have a great day!

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