Can you combine a Breast Fat Transfer and a Brazilian Butt Lift at the Same Time? (Photos)

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BBL and Breast Fat transfer

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Not only can it be done at the same time but it also makes sense to most. There is only one surgery and one post operative recovery. It is important to have a detailed discussion with your board certified plastic surgeon regarding benefits and risks.

Fat transfer to both areas is very possible...

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The important thing to note is that gluteal enhancement (BBL) can be done, but volumes are variable.  With the regard to the breast, if you are totally replacing the breast mass with fat this requires a lot of volume.  (This total fat replacement of breast tissue is currently a debated procedure because of breast calcification surveillance by mammogram). With that said moderate to small amounts of fat to the breast and an implant could be done and gluteal enhancement as long as there is enough donor fat. #capizzimd #glutealenhancement #@capizzimd

Breast fat transfer and BBL combination

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Yes you can however this does present a few challenges. First, it is difficult to harvest enough fat for both locations and secondly, you will have difficulty in postoperative positioning due to the restriction of not being able to lay on your back or abdomen. Lastly, it takes considerable time under anesthesia to harvest and transfer to both locations and might be better staged. Discuss this with your surgeon after an consultation and examination to get a better idea if you are the right candidate. 

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Sejal M. Patel, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

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