Is it possible for my butt to look the same after wearing compression shorts after surgery?

I got butt implants, and one of them looks like it fell out of place it was fine when i got it done 2 months before but now it looks like one is out of place . I might have misplaced while trying to push it a bit more up. Is there any way that I could have misplaced it from under my muscle, because the doctor can't see me I got my surgery done in turkey. The doctor told me to just wear compression short to get it back to the way it was is that possible ?

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Repositioning implant with compression garments

It is not possible to reposition your implant using garments; did you have a round or oval? Can u post a photo of the concern you have; Revision surgery for buttock augmentation requires manipulation of the capsule and repositioning of your implant. Please see link below for out of town accommodations and more information regarding your concern.

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