Suffering from man boobs. What can I do?

hello.. im 16 years old teenager boy and suffering from man boobs (this is rly active question i think :) ) about 3-4 years now .. what can i do? just wait until puberty ends? just wait until i get 18 years old? or exercise and eat healthy? please i need your advice.. thanks alot..

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Talk to a plastic surgeon

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Gynecomastia is not rare and it can be devastating socially. Running tests on your hormone levels hasn't been recommended for years. If this is interfering with your social life and your parents approve then have the surgery. The techniques for correction are simple (mostly liposuction) but make certain your chosen doctor is board certified plastic surgeon and does them frequently.

Wait till 18

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Pubertal gynecomastia most of times goes away by age 18.  If it persists at that time you will need surgery.

Vasdev Rai, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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Suffering from Gynecomastia. What to Do?

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A great place to start is with your doctor. There are many causes of gynecomastia, in the early teen years hormones play a role. Your physician can help look for this ( lab studies) and give you some guidance.
Good Luck

Stephen M. Davis, MD, FACS
Green Hills Plastic Surgery
Nashville, Tennessee

Suffering from Gynecomastia. What to Do?

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Thanks for your question.  I would recommend all that you have suggested plus having an evaluation by your pediatrician to make sure that your hormone levels are normal and that you do not have a breast mass.

Concerned about Gynecomastia at Age 16

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Several common factors can cause gynecomastia including excessive levels of #estrogen, natural #hormone changes, use of recreational drugs or alcohol, medications and their associated side effects, and, various health conditions.Also, there are different types of #gynecomastia.  Particularly, Normal Gynecomastia is usually apparent in males between the ages of 12 to 15 years old. It is also common for older men 65 years old or more who experience a drop in their testosterone levels. Normal Gynecomastia takes approximately one to two years to naturally regress on its own. Adolescent Gynecomastia is hereditary and usually appears in 30% to 60% of boys between the ages of nine to fourteen. Many cases of adolescent gynecomastia resolve on its own as the boy grows into adulthood. Some with #Adolescent may choose to undergo surgery to correct the situation, this usually happens at the age of 18 or above. In severe cases in young boys, the physician and child development specialists will need to speak to the parents regarding the severity of the gynecomastia and if surgery is an option before the age of 18.

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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