Shedding Hair after diode Iaser treatment?

Hi. so yesterday, I had diode Iaser treatment and after 6 hours I noticed that the hair was shedding.Can you teII me why?

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Shedding Hair after diode Iaser treatment?

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Thanks for the question and we always recommend that you have a consultation with a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon and have all of your questions answered when having these kinds of procedures.  For your question, there can be several explanations as to why you are seeing shedding post laser hair removal but the most common would be that the hair that was treated was not shaved to an appropriate degree prior to the procedure and that what you are seeing is that hair on the surface coming out. The light needs to penetrate into the hair shaft down to the hair bulb and that hair will be treated over time and be diminished – so you should not have any problems moving forward.

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