If my breast implant moved, could it cause rippling?

I had silicone implants a 6 weeks ago. Two days ago, I was massaging my breast a little bit rougher than I normally do. It’s been sore and I now have rippling on the side. I didn’t massage my other breast the same way and it’s fine. Could I have possibly shifted my implant and caused rippling? I didn’t have rippling before I massaged it roughly. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

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If my breast implant moved, could it cause rippling?

Thank you for sharing your question and I am sorry to hear of your new onset rippling.  Massaging by itself does not cause rippling but if the massage caused your muscle to go into spasm it may be squeezing on the implant causing an irregularity at the skin surface.  I would recommend seeing your surgeon as this is a change in your recovery so that they can diagnose the cause and offer you definite advice or reassurance.  

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Implant rippling

Usually rippling occurs when an implant is up against thin skin. I am also curious to know if you have round or shaped implants.  If you have shaped implants and you were aggressively massaging them it is possible that you caused rotation of the implant that is creating the rippling on one side.  If you have round implants then this is not a concern.  If you feel like something has changed in the shape or appearance of your breasts I would suggest scheduling a follow up appointment with your plastic surgeon to be evaluated.  Best of luck!

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I have rippling?

Hi Emily. I've not heard of massage of the breasts as a cause for rippling in the past. Rippling in silicone breast implants occurs because of folds in the breast implants and the breast tissue covering the implant is thinner than required. I suggest you speak with your plastic surgeon about this situation. Having large breast implants and a low body mass index (

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