Need to Get Rid of These Black Heads?

i have these black spots on my inner thighs, ive heard that VI Peel will do it but im not sure, how do i get rid of the black heads!? or do anybody know any type of cream or procedure that will help this? i cant even wear shorts in the summer time nor afraid to have sex because im afraid my partner will think im infected with an std, i already been to the obgyn and they told me im std free, plus i havent had sex in 2 years and 1 month! should i do more than 1 peel!?!?!?

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Need to Get Rid of These Black Heads?

Great question! I really recommend seeing an esthetician or a dermatologist. Yes the vi peel would help to get rid of this problem but it can eventually come back, try to get on a good regimen using medical grade products and possibly doing chemical peel monthly. Hope this helps

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