Moderate/Moderate Plus/ Vs High Profile?

I am 5'8 139 pounds. Currently i have 600cc moderate implants and although they are a nice size I still feel flat, the sit very wide in my bra but without a push up bra i look flat in my shirt (but my cleavage is outstanding). I want to keep the size but I want more projection. How much difference is there between mod + and high profile. Currently I wear 32D and I would like a DD.

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Implant Profiles

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It is best to be seen and measured in person but a high or ultra high profile implant may help you achieve the look you want. As far as them sitting wide, that may be the position of your breasts on your chest and this can not be changed. If you change from a wider based, moderate profile implant to a narrower based, high profile one, they may appear even wider apart. Be sure to discuss all these points with your surgeon before your surgery. Good luck!

Implant profiles

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There are many profiles available these days from at least 3 companies. I prefer high profile for patients with narrow chest when large implants are used. You should be a good candidate for the high profile. There is also now an ultra high profile implant available should you choose to go larger or if the dimensions of your chest require it. Have your surgeon measure your breast width and then pick the appropriate implant.

Moderate/Moderate Plus/ Vs High Profile? ANS:

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It sounds like you might like the more narrow and projected look of HP implants. While I am not a great fan of them, I do think they work in patients that are looking for a bigger sized implant (we get a few of those requests here in Scottsdale!!!) and at 5'8" you can probably carry it very well...

High Profile Silicone Breast Implants: More Projection

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High profile implants give you more projection or fullness.   The implants project farther from the ribcage by approximately 1 to 1.5 centimeters, depending on how large of an implant you choose.  The implants are narrower compared to a similar size moderate plus profile, so it is often helpful to consider a larger implant if breast width is to be maintained.  Other benefits of a high profile implant include less rippling in situations where the skin is very thin and a rounder look.

Implant choices

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As you go up in profile the implant diameter narrows and the projection increases.  They will give you less side breast usually.

Breast Implant Exchange For More Projection

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To get more upper pole fullness, consider changing to a higher profile implant with slightly more volume. With 600cc moderate implants, I would change to 650cc to 70cc high profile implants. That will give you a rounder fuller upper pole and may also help with the extreme width to some degree. 

Profile styles of implants

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If you stay at the same volume, but change the style to a higher projection, you will have a slightly narrower base diameter (less cleavage and side boob), but more fullness in the upper part of your breast (projection)...ask your surgeon to see examples of the different styles and examples of how a patient will look if she changes the style.

Leonard T. Yu, MD
Maui Plastic Surgeon

Profile of implant

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  If you have a definite lack of projection with the moderate profile implant, then you will need to jump up in profile to the high profile implant.  There is another ..higher profile implant now available also.

  You will not get a significant increase of projection in going only to the moderate plus implant.

           Steven M. Lynch, M.D.

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