Why do the tummy tuck and body sculpting results in the US vs the DR and Mexico seem to differ so greatly? (Photos)

I want a very curvy, juicy hourglass with a small waist, large booty/hips (like pretty much everyone! Lol) Most of the results I see from US, the waistlines look larger, and the overall aesthetic less curvy. Is this due to differing allowances on what can be removed, cultural styles, or is it just my imagination? I DON'T want to leave the US for such serious sx, but I want to be happy with my shape. Suggestions?

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How to get an hourglass appearance.

The surgical techniques are the same in all countries and the body types vary only slightly in different groups of people. However, the patients that are shown as examples of a surgeon's work will vary greatly because the surgeon wants to represent his work to appeal to a certain sub-group of patients. What you recognize as differing results between countries may be explained by the marketing efforts of surgeons from these countries. I recommend that you discuss your preferences and concerns with your local plastic surgeon. Follow-up care can be just as important as the surgery itself. You really should schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area.

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Why do the tummy tuck and body sculpting results in the US vs the DR and Mexico seem to differ so greatly?

There are a variety of techniques available to make the waist to hip ratio more dramatic.  Aggressive liposuction along with plication of fascia and tailoring of skin flaps along with fat transfer to the hips and buttocks can dramatically alter these relationships.
Kenneth Hughes, MD
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You're super observant

I think the key is a combination of ethnic variations in body shape (I.e. Latina women tend to be more curvy BEFORE the surgery). And ALSO how aggressive the lipo is in some other countries (MORE aggressive in South America AND ALSO FLOIRDA). AND laws on what can be removed at a given time with a tummy tuck.SO all of these things are at play. Florida and especially Miami tends to bend and break the rules in terms of taking more fat. The only issue I have with another country is: what happens if something goes wrong. It's rare but possible and that would be no Bueno.

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Variable results

The post op result most often depends on the pre-op anatomy and physique of the patient, as well as the skill of the surgeon.
The US certainly has an abundance of qualified, board certifeid plastic surgeons who can give you an excellent result..  No need to travel to a foreign country where standards could be sub-par/unregulated and increase your risks of complications.

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