Steroid injection for ethnic rhinoplasty to reduce swelling.

Is steroid injection necessary to reduce swelling and to help with scar tissue in African American rhinoplasty? Why or why not? I have a rhinoplasty scheduled but during consult my doctor said that he doesn't use steroid shots. Should I be concerned? I would like to have the least amount of scar tissue possible.

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Steroid injections

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Good questions. Generally speaking steroid injections are almost never necessary. They are most commonly used in situations where you want to reduce swelling sooner, but it would most likely resolve on its own. The only exception that comes to mind would be in the case of a hypertrophic scar or keloid. In that case steroid injections would be necessary. If you have a history of either hypertrophic scarring or keloids then, yes you may need to consult with someone who is experienced with steroid injections. Hope this helps. 

Chicago Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Steroid injection

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Hello and thank you for sharing your concerns. Steroid injection can help soften a scar and is best used when the scar is healing 6 weeks out. However, steroid injections should be used on specific cases. You should seek another consultation with your surgeon if you are having second thoughts. Best of luck!

Peter Newen, MD
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Hello.  I use steroids routinely in my patients of color. I also employ prolonged taping with nasal massage to control tip aesthetics. Please discuss the postoperative protocol in depth with your surgeon. 
Good luck

Steroid Injections to reduce Swelling

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In my practice steroid injections are used on a case by case basis. If it is obvious that a patient is experiencing prolonged or significant swelling then I do offer an option of low dose steroid injections. However, these injections are not begun until the patient is at least 6 weeks out from surgery. It has been my experience that patients presenting with thicker, oily skin have a higher incidence of significant post-operative swelling. Even so, only a small number of these patients actually ever needs the injections.  Best of Luck   Dr Harrell

Rhinoplasty and steroid shots

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Thank you for your question. As with anything we do, steroid shots have risks and benefits. There's only specific times when steroid shots after Rhinoplasty are indicated, and I would never recommend someone get these prophylactically.

Good luck!

Michael Yerukhim, MD
Cleveland Facial Plastic Surgeon

Scaring after African American Rhinoplasty

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Steroid injections after an African American rhinoplasty should only be used when indicated.  If you develop scar tissue in the nose after the surgery, injections would be warranted.  Steroid injections have risks and they should not be used if not clinically indicated.  I commonly perform rhinoplasty on African American patients and I very rarely ever inject the nose after surgery for scar tissue.  If I would going to inject the nose, I would not use steroids.  I prefer to used 5-fluorouracil instead because I believe it has a safer injection profile.I hope this helps.  

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