Will gum contouring help complete my smile?

I have one month left with my braces, but I'm still not happy with my smile. The gum above my two front teeth make one tooth appear higher and misaligned. The teeth on both sides appear really small in comparison to the excessive gum tissue above them. Also, when I smile with my mouth closed, my top lip appears a little crooked. Not sure why. Will lip contouring help my case? What should I look for specifically? Cosmetic dentist? Periodontist?

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I would evaluate AFTER your braces are off.

Honestly the brackets might be throwing off your lip symmetry at rest.   Because they are bulky it might make it harder for you to close your lips and thus your lip muscles might be acting accordingly.   Regarding the excessive gum tissue- I would wait a few weeks until AFTER the braces are off as well.  Then you could possibly have some laser gum lifting done on those areas.  There are biologic limitations but it's done successfully here in our office every day!

Gum Recontouring

Show this to your orthodontist.  Im sure some alteration can take place before finishing.  In addition, you should be a candidate for some recontouring with a laser if needed.  Best of luck.  

Scott Young, DDS
Houston Dentist
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