After having mouth cancer and surgery to remove leg bone a and replace lower gum/chin area am I a candidate for implants?

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Dental Implants After Oral Cancer

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Yes, you should be able to have implants place in the bone that was used to reconstruct your jaw.  I am assuming you had a free fibula flap to reconstruct your jaw which is the most common and successful way.  Dental implants are placed in these grafts quite often as long as the flaps are fully healed and viable.  Radiation can affect the surrounding bone, but the bone from the flap has its own blood supply so it is often not affected.  Talk to a bard certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon in your area to discuss your options

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Post cancer and Dental Implants.

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Few questions before I can help answer this question.  After the graft from your leg, did you get radiation therapy in your jaw?  If you have had full dosage in the area, then it's very difficult.  Your dentist /surgeon will talk to your radiation oncologist to determine the dosage. I have done several cases post radiation, but generally they did not have full dosage in the area.  

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