Breast implants and constantly engorged while breast feeding - could this have caused tenting? (photo)

I have 350cc gummy implants under muscle - have had my inplants for 4 yrs prior to getting pregnant. I was painfully engorged for most of the 3 months that I first began BF due to over pumping while my child was in the hospital. I am now 1.5 yrs out from having my child and no longer BFing for last 8 months. My cleavage looks different. Have tenting in bras/swim suits. When I bend over tenting is seen. I also have ripples in the cleavage of one breast. Have u seen this happen in other patients?

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From your photograph, I would be concerned that you now have synmastia, where the two implant pockets have joined across your breast bone. This will require a fairly complex repair and at that time decisions can be made whether a different type of implant or the placement of an acellular dermal matrix such as Strattice could be placed between the implant and the skin to help hide the wrinkles. My advice to you is that you be evaluated by a plastic surgeon with experience in revision breast implant surgery. Good luck with your revision. 

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Breast implants and constantly engorged while breast feeding - could this have caused tenting?

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Thank you for your question and for sharing your photograph.  During the breast changes of pregnancy your natural breast tissue can involute - shrink - supplying less soft tissue coverage to the underlying implant causing it to be more palpable and possibly more visible. Additionally the skin of each breast will swell and stretch potentially causing increased laxity and tenting.  To have the best opinion rendered I would visit your plastic surgeon to voice your concerns.

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Breast Changes after Breast Feeding

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Thank you for you question and photo. Unfortunately, the changes that occur to breasts during pregnancy and breast feeding can be quite unpredictable. Often times after breast feeding your natural breast tissue can shrink and make your implants more noticeable (ie rippling). Without seeing before pictures and or a formal evaluation it is difficult to determine the specific changes that have occurred. I would recommend you see a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your concerns and your options for correction. Best, Dr. Kludt

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