Having tingling pain in side from Coolsculping. Any over the counter topical I could yaw to help?

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Tingling from #CoolSculpting

Tingling after CoolSculpting is pretty common and can last up to two weeks. It is unlikely you will get relief from a topical product, but you could try a pill like ibuprofen.  If you want, you can try a lidocaine patch and you might be able to diminish the sensation a little.

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Pain post Coolsculpting

Tingling and some tenderness are common post coolsculpting treatment for a few days to a few weeks. You are unlikely to get much relief from a topical product. Ibuprofofen or lidocaine patch are possibilities for some relief.

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Tingling following treatment

Tingling and some discomfort are normal after Coolsculpting and generally disappear after a few days without any intervention.  If you are uncomfortable, ibuprofen is generally sufficient to address discomfort, tingling or swelling.  Topical creams are generally not helpful but some patients do find Traumeel Ointment helpful.  After Coolsculpting, some patients feel that wearing spanx or some other type of compressive garment is very helpful to help them feel better faster.
Good luck~

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Tingling pain

The sensation you are experiencing is a common side effect after Coolsculpting. The discomfort may last for a few days after the treatment and then it resolves on its own. Over the counter pain medications and cool pack will help to alleviate the discomfort until it resolves.

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Tingling pain after coolsculpting

Coolsculpting induces programmed cell death by selectively freezing fat cells. Some patients experience tingling pain after the procedure and this is usually self limited. In the meantime, using a heating pad and an over the counter pain reliever can help.

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Tingling from CoolSculpting

Sensory nerves that cause tingling or pain lie within the fatty tissues and are surrounded by fatty cells that are "frozen" with CoolSculpting. The fat cell which undergo resorption are more susceptible to the cold but all the cells treated will be somewhat affected including the nerve cells. This is the cause of the tingling which will resolve over several weeks. 

Massage and hydration would be my non-medicated first options to reduce this discomfort. A particular technique called "desensitization" by lightly touching the affected areas several times a day may quiet the irritation. 

Next in line are oral anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen at low doses such as 200 mg once or twice a day or anti-histamines such as zyrtec or claritin (over-the-counter is fine) if tolerated. 

Should the discomfort be more aggravating than this; consult your physician.

All the best!

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Tingling pain after Coolsculpting

This is well within the expected range of side effects after the Coolsculpting procedure. If you feel it is excessive, call your treating physician and ask them for their advice. We all have difference preferences on what to do to handle this.

Omar Ibrahimi, MD, PhD
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