Will a punch biopsy mole removal result in a depression/indentation?

I just had a mole removal at the bottom of my chin yesterday. The doctor said a punch biopsy was best to keep the mole from returning. She did a 6mm punch sutured it with 3 sutures. She warned me that I would have a line scar. My bandage had some blood showing through last night so I switched it out for a fresh bandage and I noticed that there is an indentation where the biopsy was done. Will this tissue and subcutaneous fat fill back in? Or am I left with an indentation in my silhouette?

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Punch Biopsy/Depression/Indentation--Scar Treatment--Wait to Heal--Lasers/Microneedling/PRP-See an expert

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You may have a slight scar. To improve appearance, once healed, I recommend erbium resurfacing or fraxel 1550nm or microneedling/PRP. See an expert. Best, Dr. Emer

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