Had a rhinoplasty on inner nose 8 month ago, feels like the nose is still swollen. (Photo)

Hello. I have heard that it takes up to 1 year for the nose to take it's form again, but it really bugs me that my nose looks really tilted and big. Especially in the pictures. I feel like at this time it should be way less swollen. I am not sure if it's swollen anymore and it's just the new form of my nose. How should I know it? It just looks like there is on "definition" of my nose at all. Is this the result of bad rhinoplasty or should I give it a time? Does it look still swollen to you?

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Difficult Without a 'Before' Photo

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I think you should give yourself the full year before deciding whether to undergo revision surgery. I also recommend bringing your concerns to the surgeon who performed your rhinoplasty to learn more about what you can expect, if anything, over the next few months. Your nose appears proportionate from the side, but I do see some swelling when viewed from the front. Without an idea of what your nose looked like before surgery, it's not possible for me to evaluate the success of your rhinoplasty. Good luck to you.

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