Okay to gently exhale bloody muscus from nose after septorhinoplasty?

I've heard that you shouldn't blow your nose aggressively after surgery, but I didn't hear anything about simply exhaling gently over and over until a lot of that bloody snot comes out, clearing out the nose. I did this today and yesterday and managed to clean out a lot of that sticky snot blood from inside my nose and made breathing better as a result. Iwas wondering if this will mess up my nose or lead to a hole in my corrected septum or anyrhi?

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Be careful after septorhinoplasty surgery

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We tell our patients to avoid blowing their nose after surgery to avoid pressure on the flaps and sutures. While it would be hard to damage by just gently blowing we advise our patients to avoid blowing to be on the safe side. Since the nose is often numb we err on the side of caution as the patient may not be able to judge how much pressure they are applying. Hope this helps.

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