Is Gentlelase Safe on Nipples if You Have Cysts and Fibroadenomas?

I've had Gentlelase treatment for the last year on my lip and I can say that it has really worked. I have an embarrassing problem of a few dark hairs around my nipples. I would love to have the same treatment on this area but as I also suffer from breast cysts and fibroadenomas I'm not sure if this is safe. I wonder if any doctor on this board can advise? Thank you.

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GentleLase to remove nipple hair

Dear Patient,

Using GentleLase laser therapy to remove unwanted hair on the nipples and breast areas are popular procedures. The laser is safe and effective as long as you have appropriate skin type (lighter tone) and do not have a sun tan in the region. In regard to cysts and fibroadenomas, these are deep tissue lesions and the laser only effects your skin. Therefore, this would not be a contraindication for laser treatment. However, if you are worried, please ask your gynecologist's medical opinion, since this would be an area of their expertise. If your gyn gives you a green light, you would feel more comfortable proceeding with your laser hair removal.

Good luck.

Davie Dermatologist
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