White Spots Appearing 1 Week Post- GentleLASE® Laser for Brown Spots on my Entire Face

I am a 52 year old women. I recently had GentleLASE® laser to remove brown spots on my entire face. After a week the brown spots have flaked off and now I am left with white spots covering my entire face. What do I do? Will this go away?

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Gentlelase can treat brown spots, but can't be tan

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My first question is whether there is any chance you were tan or not?

Sometimes if you treat brown spots on the face, the laser can work so well that is will bring it back to your normal skin color.  As a result, if you were tan, what appears as a white spot may in fact be your normal skin color in a sea of tan.  Without any pictures, I cannot be sure, but that is one possibility.

It is very important that people not be tan when having laser treatment.

Naples Dermatologic Surgeon

Gentle Lase for Brown Spots

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Gentle Lase can be used for brown spots with the 755 wavelength.  However, there are better lasers to treat brown spots.  The Gentle Lase can best be used for laser hair removal. I would recommend the Alex Trivantage for the brown spots.  It sounds like either the settings were too high, you were a type 3 or 4 skin type or you were tan.  Please go back to your treating physician for treatment.  For the best results please find a board certified dermatologist who can know how to correctly treat your skin.

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