Gentlelase Alexandrite Works Perfect on Me but Rather Expensive; Should I Consider the Sheerlight Duet for Total Legs? (photo)

I've had a very disappointing experience with the traditional Lightsheer (Diode) on my legs, bikini line and arms. First the results seem to be fine but then after 4 months the hair started to grow back! So now I'm getting my bikini line area and underarms treated by Alexandrite (Gentlelase) and it works perfectly although I'm not that light skinned. I've attached a pic of my body, so what skin type am I? Should lightsheer DUET work on me? It's less expensive. I have coarse, black hair on legs.

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Laser Hair Removal is about Settings

The lightsheer is a great machine and should work on your skin type as well. It is all about the proper settings. The Duet is a newer machine with better technology. So, you are likely to have  a better result.

I would suggest that you try the Duet for a session and compare the results to Alexandrite. Then stick with the one that gives you a better result.


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Gentelase vs. Lightsheer Duet

Having had experience with both devices, I can say that both work very well. THe only scenario in which I would choose the Lightsheer Duet in in darker skin types that I cannot effectively and safely treat with the Gentlelase.  It is not clear to me why one device should cost you more than the other for the same treated area on your body.  Be sure you are going to a reputable place with trained providers woh are treating you at optimal settings.

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Laser hair removal recommendation for dark hair and your skin type

It looks as though you have type 3 skin but the photo may be misleading.  With your skin type and dark hair, you should have a good result with the LightSheer DUET, but it should cost the same as the Gentlelase.  If you previously had Light Sheer at another clinic, they may not have used the most effective settings for you and that is why the cost was less.  Always beware of low prices, there is a reason.

You should visit a reputable clinic with a physician present to assess your skin type.  You must not be tanned before your treatments, which should be done about 8 weeks apart, and you must avoid sun after your treatments.  Most patients require 5 or more treatments.

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