Will the Gentle Waves LED or Red Light Treatment Help Reduce the Amount of Oil Production?

I am looking to reduce the amount of oiliness I have on my face. I am 42 year old, fair skinned female with hormone related acne breakouts still. The Tretinoin .1% gel used every 3 days and the AHA and BHA topicals just seem to aggravate the oiliness but helkp the breakouts. I would like a non-laser non-topical approach. Will the Gentle Waves LED or the Red Light Quasar work better or together? Thank you.

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Hormone induced oil production and acne breakouts can be lessened

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The FDA has allowed the marketing of several devices that use blue light wavelengths of 400-420nm to clear acne by combining antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activity.   Blue or purple light phototherapy is an effective and safe solution for decreasing the bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes) responsible for the development of acne.  Ongoing clinical trials are being conducted by Erchonia at this time.  There are other effective methods to decrease your oil production through herbal or dietary change.  I have been recommending Bragg's vinegar for my patients.

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Altering oiliness is almost impossible. Accutane will do it, but only for as long as you take it. Perhaps some anti-androgen therapy may help too, but only while you are on it as well. Within  months, your natural level of oiliness will return. I'd try Tazorac (if not planning pregnancy) and a series of salicylic acid Theraplex peels. This method is at least affordable for indefinite use.

Mary P. Lupo, MD
New Orleans Dermatologist
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