What is Better Gentle Laze or Gentle Yag?

I have light skin and I'm using gentle laze for about 2 years and I got dark areas in different parts of my body and the pain is increasing every session so i'm thinking to switch to gentle yag . Do you recommend that ?

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GentleLase vs Gentle YAG

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Both lasers are effective in many or most patients for hair removal.  As a general rule, we save the gentleYAG for patients with darker skin types, because it is less likely to cause pigmentary changes (discoloration) in those patients. 


The gentlelase is the workhorse in our practice, but we will try the gentleYAG if the response is not as desired, even in fair skinned.  You may wish to ask your dermatologist to do a "test area" with the YAG to see both how it works, how it compares with pain and whether there are side effects.

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