Genioplasty Possible Results for Longer Chin? (photo)

I'm looking for a genioplasty where the chin gets cut and moved down i would wish at least 8mm down, ( i donw need much forward) for a more masculine look. I can push my chin down, but not long. In this picture i messured 8mm then it starts looking good (chin) will genioplasty give the same results that is seen in the picture?

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Chin lengthening

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A genioplasty to lengthen your chin can accomplish what you've done digitally.  However, with an advancement of >8mm, you will need either grafting of some sort to fill the defect and lend stability to the chin itself.

There will likely also be a step-off between the chin and the rest of the jaw, and you may have some unintended aesthetic consequences that you may not like.

Based on your pictures, a small lengthening osteotomy combined with liposuction of your neck would give you a natural, masculine result that may accomplish exactly what you are looking for.

Hope this helps,

Dr. Hall

Vertical Chin Lengthening By Osteotomy

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What you are demonstrating is exactly what a lengthening genioplasty by osteotomy can do. Other than a custom made implant, this is the only way to vertically lengthen a chin. Lengthening as much as 15mms poses some issues that are not seen in vertical lengthening movements under 6 to 8mms. With a bony gap this big, a hydroxyapatite or demineralized bone graft/block will need to be placed between the two bony segments to ensure good healing. Lengthening the chin by moving down the bone can make it appear more narrow in width to some degree. Also there may be a transtion break between the back end of the osteotomy and the flow of your jawline posteriorly. By moving your jaw down as in the picture, you are moving the entire jawline down...which does not happen with an isolated chin lengthening osteotomy. These are some minor aesthetic issues with a big vertical chin expansion.

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