Can I get a deep-set eye? (photos)

I got a very thick crease covered on my upper lid, I want to remove it. But I wonder if I get a forehead Botox to make it forward, plus reduce some puffiness, maybe I can get a deep-set eye. Can anyone please give me some advice?

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Botox unfortunately will not accomplish this.

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To make a dent in those eyelids, you would need an anchor blepharoplasty. You also have ptosis and this should be addressed also.  The key is a detailed personal consultation to determine your goals.

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Deep set eyes

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Deep set eyes are the result of having large eyesockets. We are born with this and inherit them from our parents. Unfortunately there is no way of correcting the eyesockets except in rare cases of birth defects or disease. The eyelid anatomy can be altered to surgery to improve the appearance, but deep set eyes are not possible.

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