Can Genesis Damage Eyesight? I Now Have Blurred Vision Vs. Far-sightedness.

During the procedure, I heard the pinging of the laser hitting the eye goggles. Have never had eye problems. 20-5, 20-10. COuld not read street signs immediately after. Improved slightly with time. Sitting in child's choir concert, faces are now blurry. I used to be able to read from so far away. I have not called the office yet. Wondering if it's temporary.

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Possible that goggles were too tight?

Though I'm not in a position to diagnose eye-sight issues, one cause for temporarily blurred vision could be from the goggles being too tight and pressing on the eye.  Ask the practitioner to use gauze pads under the metal goggles.  This should help.  Note: NEVER have any laser procedure done without metal goggles, as it could cause permanent eye damage.

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