Generous Face, Arm Applications of Retin-A 0.1% Causing Very Blurry Vision?

For 2mo I've been using this only. 2 times daily liberally all over the face neck arms as prescribed (to help even out severe skin tone issue). Just when its working great, since a couple wks now, I have noticed a constant blurriness. I can barely read this website or what I'm typing. It's worse in one eye, where everything is a blur. I saw an opthalmologist who said everything is fine except noticed a slight swelling in cornea that's worse. He said to stop using Retin-A. Could Retin-A do that?

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Overuse of Retin-A

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It seems from your description that you are entirely overusing the Retin-A. Did a physician recommend you use the product twice a day on this much of your body? I have never recommended this much usage to anyone and I write a lot of prescriptions for Retin-A! Please reseek your prescribing physician for advice and assessment.

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