General Inquiries Regarding Tummy Tuck Recovery?

Hello Im 15 days post op from a tummy tuck and have an inquiry I would appreciate a second opinion on. I have read about patients complaining of incision opening even up to 5 weeks post op. My surgeon used disolvable sutures. Does that decrease my risk of that happening? Thank you in advance Regards Ps: drains where removed 2 days ago.

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Changes in technique reduced the risk of one problems with abdominoplasty.

The technique your surgeon used will affect the likelihood a secondary one problems. Sequential deep suturing using dissolvable sutures decreases the risk for fluid collection and takes tension off the final repair of the skin.

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General Inquiries Regarding Tummy Tuck Recovery?

Dear Dima,

Most surgeons use dissolvable sutures in the deep, intermediate and superficial layers of the tissue.  In addition to this, skin tape is used to take the stress off of the scar to make a thinner scar.  In general, pull of the tissue on the scar wont open the tissue, but can widen the scar. The scar is the weakest point on the skin for many months after surgery, so that is the point that gives and widens.  I like to tape my incisions for a long period of time after surgery for that reason, not because I am concerned that the incision will open.  It will take a good amount of pressure for the incision to open, but it can happen.

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Tummy tuck incision maturity

Your incision will require many months (9-12) to heal before it is mature and looks nice.   Dissolving sutures really have little to do with the quality of the scar in my opinion. It is due to good sound surgical technique.

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Dr. ES

Tummy Tuck and Incision Line Healing?

Thank you for the question. No, the specific suture used to close the abdominal incision will not necessarily change the risk of incision line healing problems.  I think these incision line healing problems have more to do with issues such as tension upon closure of the incision line, skin quality characteristics ( stretch marks in the area are unfavorable),   occasional  suture “reaction”, and patient activity after surgery etc.

 Best wishes; hopefully, you will not have any postoperative complications and will be pleased with the outcome of the procedure performed.

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Tummy Tuck Recovery?

The choice of sutures should not affect the risk of wound breakdown. Most surgeons use dissolving sutures for TT's. All the best

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