General Anesthesia Vs. Epidural for TT

I went for a consult yesterday with a PS who comes recommended. My husband is a doctor as well, & he knows this guy personally and professionally. During my consult, the PS told me that he operates out of a surgery center and that he does the sx under sedation w/an epidural rather than general anesthesia. He said that he prefers it that way, but if I wanted general, he could also do it. He is highly confident in the staff anesthesiologists at the sx center as well. Any input? Thanks!

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Type of anesthesia for Tummy Tuck?

Both general and epidural anesthesia can work very well and be safe in the proper hands (anesthesiologist). I, however, would choose general anesthesia if I were having a tummy tuck.

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General Anesthesia Vs. Epidural for TT

Just to understand your posting, epidural as an outpatient, HUMMM! I would ask to personally speak to 3 patients who have undergone their tummy tucks with out patient epidural. Also urinary retension is a real issue. I think I would discuss further. From MIAMI Dr. B

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Epidural versus general anesthesia for tummy tuck

In the hands of an experienced anesthesiologist who perfroms the epidurals frequently, this can be an excellent option and provide prolonged post-operative pain control. I think it is an excellent option. My only concern with this technique is the greater potential for urinary retention and possible need for a bladder catheter.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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General anesthesia and epidural are both good options for tummy tuck

The decision about which type of anesthesia to have for an abdominoplasty really comes down to preferences: yours, the anesthesiologist's, and the surgeon's. From a safety point of view there is little difference and you should be comfortable either way.

Richard Baxter, MD
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