Can General Anesthesia Cause Kidney Damage?

Had br surgery about a year ago, 2 months later fell ill with kidney problems. Took meds for it but the it doesn't subside. Also had an ed, bulimia mostly for 3 years off and on. Could it be possible for anesthesia to have affected my kidneys? I didn't fall ill in the three years I had the ed, and it so happened that I had kidney problems after the br. Could it also have been a problem waiting to be unleashed and the anesthesia did it? I'm quite concerned as I am also considering a br revision.

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Anesthesia and Kidney Damage?

I'm sorry to hear about the kidney problems you have experienced. Your nephrologist will be in the best position to advise you about the possible etiology of your condition. He/she will benefit from a review of all of your medical  history, records and lists of medications that you have used  prior to the onset of kidney dysfunction. A review of your anesthesia record  may be helpful in answering your questions specifically.

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