Gemini vs IPL Laser to Improve Skin?

What is better? Gemini Laser or IPL? I'm 29, have some sun spots(not many), little dark spots from pimples (not many), enlarge pores, some fine lines and would like to improve and smooth skin structure.


Katarina C., Canberra

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Gemini or IPL Laser to improve skin?


I don't know about the Gemini. I do know about IPL - limitations and advantages. IPL if done correctly, the patient is compliant, can address all of your concerns. The VISIA camera system which can show before and after results for all of your questions confirms my observations. Sorry about the lack of information about Gemini.

PS - IPL is NOT a laser. IPL = intense pulsed light. This is not a laser.

San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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