Gel Implants over the Muscle Bottomed out Within Few Months After Surgery? (photo)

I have had my surgery 7 months ago, I read that bottomed out within a few months after surgery is due from over dissection. My surgeon said that I need bigger implants to fill all the loose skin and also need some type of underwire to keep the implants from going downward, why can't I keep the same implants if it being repositioned?is it the surgeon fault?could I have the implants placed underneath the muscle and keep the same implants?as for now he's saying I have to pay for a whole new process

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Implant position over the muscle...

Your post-op photos look very good... and that means your pockets were done 'right'.  If you wanted to maintain that mildly unnatural look, I would have advised supporting them with a bra 24/7 until you healing was complete.  You show natural settling of the implant and one of the reasons I do not like subglandular placements... they tend to settle more then when using the dual plane technique.  My own experience with an old partner who liked subglandular placement confirms through community feedback that the dual plane works better.  But people choose subglandular for their own reasons and its still better then what they started out with.

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Bottoming out breast implant?

Your implants have not "bottomed out". Larger breast sit lower on the chest, due to weight. This result is acceptable, and probably predictable from your preop assesment. Your surgeon has not "over-dissected" and further surgery will be of little benefit.

Steve Merten, FRACS
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Bottom out

it does not appear that your implants have bottomed out.  i bet you had ptotic(hanging) breasts to begin with.   unless you have some form of lift if you start with hanging breasts you will get hanging breasts only bigger. reassess the whole situation with your surgeon

Jonathan Saunders, MD
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Gel Implants over the Muscle Bottomed out Within Few Months After Surgery?

I would need a bit more description of what you see as the problem in the photo before I would be comfortable offering suggestions.

"Bottoming out" occurs when the implant descends, going below the breast fold and lifting that fold off of the chest wall. This is not what I see in this photo. 

There are too many possibilities to sort through without knowing what (size change, pocket change to submuscular, breast lift)  to you would improve the outcome. Please clarify. Pre op photos would also be helpful.

All the best. 


Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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