Gel implants with lollipop lift. Should I be massaging them and what about scar strips or pralisec? (photo)

I have gel implants that I got on 2/20/2014. They are smooth high profile implants. I am happy with the implants. They did do a nipple lift on one side and a lolipop lift on the other which both seem to be healing really well. Should I be massaging them and what about scar strips or pralisec?

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Follow your surgeon's advice

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when in your acute post-op phase as we all have our own 'special' ways of dealing with patient concerns such as yours.  I personally don't believe in scar products but offer them only if asked for.  If you were willing to use the product only on one side and moisturizer on the other, I would love to know if your outcome was any different.

Redding Plastic Surgeon
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Massage and scars

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I think that it is best to ask your surgeon whether or not he wants you to massage the breasts.  He may not.  Best of luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Massage and scar treatments

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Your surgeon is going to have his/her own opinion on massage and scar treatments. I personally do not think that massage is important or helpful after breast surgery. But I could be easily convinced that it does if there was some scientific evidence to support it. The same is true to scar treatments. There are so many things that you could try... scarfade, scarguard, mederma, silicone sheeting, hybrisil, etc. But there really isn't any great evidence to support one thing over another. I think that paper tape over the incisions for about a month works just as well as anything and is the least expensive thing to do. 

Wm. Todd Stoeckel, MD
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
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Massage after lift/implants

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Although breast massage is commonly recommended after implants, every surgeon tends to have his/her own routine, especially when combined with a lift. Therefore, I recommend asking and following your operating surgeons protocol.  Glad to help.

Ryan A. Stanton, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Implant massage

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Congratulations on your surgery.  Glad you are pleased with the result so far.Typically I recommend massage with smooth implants starting on about day 10 post op.  Be sure to discuss this with your surgeon.  Now is a good time to start scar treatment.  I typically recommend scarguard which has some silicone in it.  Ask your surgeon their recommendation.  Not sure about pralisec.

Massage and scar care after breast augmentation with lift

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Thank you for your question.  It is most important that you seek advice from your plastic surgeon and not follow Internet advice by physicians you do not have the option to examine you.

Every surgeon has their own routine regarding breast implant displacement exercises are massage and topical skin care products.  Please see her plastic surgeon.

Gel implants with lollipop lift. Should I be massaging them and what about scar strips or pralisec?

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Great questions for your surgeon to respond to. Best to be seen by him/her in a follow up visit. Posted photo is of some concern about symmetry...// 

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