Should Gel Butt Implants Be Approved for Use in U.S. in Your Opinion?

I am hearing about alot of women traveling to Mexico and Brazil to have butt implants made of gel. People have said since Brazil has a long history of doing butt implants, doctors there find it gives a more natural and soft appearance with less complications. Has anyone seen these implants? how do they look in comparison to the solid implants? and in speculation, do you think they should be approved in the U.S.?

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Buttock Implant Options

I have had the pleasure of physically observing gel buttock implants and do have to say that there feel quite nice.  However, I am not conviced that they feel that much better once positioned into the patient's buttock, at least not enough to warrant the increased risk of implant rupture and the need to change them every ten years maximum.  Unlike the breast, the buttocks (muscle) is significantly more powerful and active (and probably endures more trauma) thus increasing the risk of trauma to the implant leading to possible rupture.  Bottom line, a legitimate medical study still need to be performed to provide us with a solid answer on risk/benefit ratio.  Hope this helps...RAS 

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