I'm booked in for a right breast latissimus dorsi flap reconstruction in 6 weeks time. I have already had a silicone implant.

Under the muscle on that side and fat grafts (didn't take). I have also had a reduction done on the left side. However the right side has no padding around the implant. I work with large animals and need to shift 40 kg bags of hay. Will the entire muscle need to be sacrificed? Will i gain full strength back on that side of my body? Do most women gain full use back? I know there will be a scar on the back but will there be a big dent left in my back from where the muscle has been removed?

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Breast reconstruction

The Latismeuss Dorsi Muscle flap remains the gold standard for good coverage of the implant and best projection.

The entire muscle needs to be removed to cover the entire implant. Whether there will be weakness of the shoulder, if noted there is minimal weakness, not noted by most patients.

As for the depression in the back where the muscle is removed, that would depend on the anatomy and whether any fat and skin is taken with the muscle.

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Latissimus Dorsi breast reconstruction

Thanks for your question.

A latissimus dorsi flap will significantly improve the padding around the implant and decrease the risk of complications of having an implant (capsular contracture, infection etc).

Most patients notice no major change in strength after the procedure and return to all their pre surgery sports and activities. There is a scar across the back but no cavity or hole. 

I hope this reassures you a little. The best person to talk with about this in person is your plastic surgeon  

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