Why is my nose crooked after Rhinoplasty?

Hello. I had a Rhinoplasty in June, I was unhappy with the result as soon as my cast came off, I noticed how rotated and bent the tip looked the only thing positive about my new nose is the fact that I no longer have a bump on the bridge. I was told it could be swelling that is causing it to appear crooked or maybe too much grafting was done at the tip, either way I should wait it out, swelling did make it worse its reduced a lot since but I am sure that I will need a revision, what to do?

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Swelling After Rhinoplasty Can Make a Nose Look Crooked.

It has been five months and maybe your nose takes a bit longer to settle down. See how it goes for another couple of months. If still crooked, ask your doctor to evaluate. Perhaps the septum is deviated and needs a tweak. Or perhaps, you need to have a bit of temporary or permanent filler to correct a structural asymmetry. Was there any crookedness before the operation. Don 't worry, your surgeon can handle what you need to have done. If any questions, get a second opinion.

Best wishes.

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Discuss your concerns with your surgeon in the event revision surgery is needed.  Good communication with your surgeon is needed for your best result.

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