Uneven eyelids and brows. Any suggestions? (photos)

5 weeks out of double bleph and brow lift. Droopy right eyelid and brow, swollen left eyelid, under eye and unevenly elevated left brow. Will it stay like this?

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Post blepharoplasty

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At 5 weeks, you will certainly have swelling and scar tissue that masks your result and cause asymmetry. This is a part of recovery and is to be expected at this point after a blepharoplasty. Be patient with your recovery and give your body time to heal. Be sure to keep any follow ups you may have with your surgeon for his or her advise and evaluation. Best wishes.

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Thank you for your question. Your results are not final at the 5 week post op stage. In fact, it is very difficult to judge the improvement you have experienced as you are still swollen. I suggest that you consult with your board certified facial plastic surgeon as you move through your recovery process.

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Ross A. Clevens, MD
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Right handed surgeons tend to make the left upper eyelid incision higher and more irregular than the right incision.

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This is not going to heal right but it will soften with more time.  I fully expect that you will still have an issue in 3 to 4 months but that is how long you should let the soft tissues heal before considering revision surgery.  I am concerned about the brow surgery that you had.  Your left crease is too high exposing the left upper eyelid platform.  The brow asymmetry is also problematic.  With healing some amount of settling will occur and it is  the stable appearance of the eyelids that revision surgery, if needed, is designed.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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