Can you please tell me what's going on with my face 3 months after having volbella? I have lots of lumps, tenderness. (Photo)

I had volbella in my upper and lower lips, under nose area? And volume in cheeks the first 3 months all was well then I developed lumps in my lips visible lump under nose area and now lumps and burning sensation in my cheeks I had some hilauronidase to under nose last week which reduced the lump somewhat, I am so worried about cheek area with lumps now spreading to my under eye area and I have a burning sensation, not painful but enough to make me aware of it. Can anyone tell me what's going on

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Filler reaction to Volbella- HA filler

Your injector will know what to do. Each specialist has their own protocol. Many patients forget that having a filler is much like having an 'implant', in this case it is a HA implant. If some one is competent enough to perform the procedure, they should be an expert in treating any complications. Treatment and investigation is prudent including -1. Dissolving filler with HYALASE2. Culture and PCR to exclude infection or biofilm3. Abs and Pred (controversial the later)4. Type 4 skin prick testing for hypersensitivity to HA - Volbella - fillers in the future5. Options for re-filling based upon above 4 factors. All of these should be textbook measures known to your injector, so you will be in good hands providing you saw a Specialist. All the best, Dr Davin Lim 

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See your injector

Please see your injector for a physical examination of your lips. You could have developed a reaction to the product.

Jerome Edelstein, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Filler and Reaction to Volbella and Voluma

It is difficult to see from the photos but it is possible that you developed an allergic reaction to the product or it could be poor injection technique. You will probably need to have this dissolved with Hyaluronidase. I would return immediately to your injector to consult a board certified dermatologist who is an expert in cosmetic facial injections for examination.  Pleases keep us posted. Best, Dr. Green

Michele S. Green, MD
New York Dermatologist
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It sounds as though you are experiencing more than one symptom.

It sounds as though you are experiencing more than one symptom. Return to your injector for a follow up to ensure you receive an accurate assessment and treatment. 

Best of Luck

Martin Jugenburg, MD
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Can you please tell me what's going on?

Thank you for sharing your question and photographs and I am sorry to hear of your filler-related issues.  After three months you should not be experiencing these symptoms and I would advocate for you to see your injector for an in-person evaluation.  They may need to fully dissolve the filler material and prescribe antibiotics if an infection is thought to be causing the problem.  Best wishes. 

Nelson Castillo, MD
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