Offered 2 sizes (275cc and 300cc) in my consult and I'm so unhappy with size; will I be eligible for revision surgery? (Photos)

7 weeks post op looks like someone's before picture! I trusted his judgement, I'm nearly 5000£ worse off and my breasts Dont even reach the side of my rib cage! No side boob or cleavave nothing! he did a fab job releasing the bands and improving shape but my main concern was looking better proportionally! Would any surgeon do a revision for size without recharging? He said I have bulky muscle would that prevent an increased size in implant? Do I have a strong case to request another surgery?

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Post op appearance

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Sorry you have had a bad experience. You should definitely talk to your surgeon. You appear to have uneven breasts with evidence of herniation on the Right. The post op nipple height is difficult to judge from the photos presented. If the implants are in the sub muscular plane and the muscle is released well you should be ableto go to 400-450 cc without too much difficulty. Going much bigger you run the risk of skin stretch marks.

Definitely talk to your surgeon about revision and your feelings. 

Best of Luck

Dr. J

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