Can Breast Sag After 6 Weeks? (photo)

Hi. I had a breast lift an full tummy tuck 6 weeks ago. By the 5th week I notice that my breast sag. My doctor say its normal and my breast is very heavy. He also said that skin stretch. Before the operation I asked him to put a small amount of silicone to have that high full breast cleavage. He said its not necessary and I will have that look. How much more will my breast sag? I am currently a 38D was a 38DD.

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6 Weeks Post Op Breast Lifting Surgery Concerns?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.  Although your concerns are understandable, online consultants will not be able to predict how much more “sagging” will occur over the course of the next few months. Your question may be one that only “time” will answer.

 I would suggest that, at the one-year post up mark, if you remain displeased with the breast position/size/shape  you communicate these concerns with your plastic surgeon.  Sometimes, patients who are undergoing breast augmentation/lifting surgery benefit from revisionary surgery to increase breast size, achieve more superior pole volume/roundness, and/or tightening of the breast skin envelope further.

 I hope this helps.

Three Months For Final Results After Mastopexy

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In general, it takes about three months for everything to settle after a mastopexy ( breast lift).  Most of thoise changes happen in the first 4-6 weeks, so what you see now will be very close to the end result.  At the three month mark, if you still have questions, that is the appopriate time to discuss it with your surgeon.  I hope this helps.

Can Breast Sag After 6 Weeks?

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I see an acceptable lifting result. But you may have desires more inferior pole tightening. Seek in person second opinions. 

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