Gaunt Cheeks Due to Acne Scarring: Will Fraxel Repair Build up my Collagen?

I have acne scars on both cheeks. I know that i can get of them through different procedures (Lasers, peels etc.). The real problem is that I lost fat from the area where the scars are. My scars are not that severe (cheek indentation even if there are no scars). You can imagine christian bale's cheeks in 'the fighter' with few scars in mid cheek area, lol. My doc says its collagen loss and will come back with fraxel re-pair. I'm ectomorph and work out heavy. Is my doc true?

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Best Treatment for Gaunt Cheeks with Acne Scars...Fraxel repair and Sculptra

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Hi Dragon,

It sounds as if you would benefit from facial filling.  I prefer Sculptra in a patient such as yourself.  Others may use fat or other fillers.  Fraxel repair does stimulate collagen production, that is how it is helpful in the treatment of surface acne scars.  I have treated patients with full face Fraxel repair followed by Sculptra once their skin has healed from the laser procedure with excellent results.  Most importantly, choose your treating physician very carefully.  Good luck and be well.

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