Is a Gastric Sleeve a Good Option for Somebody Who is Overweight and Had a C-section?

Is gastric sleeve a good alternative to gastric bypass? Would it be less intrusive of an option?

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To Sleeve or Not To Sleeve

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In general, if someone is a good candidate for weight loss surgery they are a good candidate for any of the major procedures performed in the US (band, bypass, sleeve, BPD) and it really comes down to personal choice.  I find that by the time a patient sees me they generally already know what they want.  My job is to look at their chosen procedure and make sure from a medical standpoint it also makes sense and gives them the best chance at long-term success.  I really believe that when it comes to choosing a procedure, it all comes down to finding the best operation to fit the patient's personality because ALL of the operations work, they just work a little differently from one another. 

There are very few reasons why a patient couldn't have a gastric sleeve if that is the operation that they would like to have done.  It is my opinion that a gastric sleeve is a reasonable alternative to a gastric bypass, but again, they BOTH work and there are no studies that we can point to that would say a patient is going to better with a sleeve or a bypass.  Patients often say that a sleeve seems less "invasive" but  I'm not exactly sure what that means.  They both take about the same number of incisions to do the surgery.  With the sleeve we are removing a majority of the stomach (that seems invasive to me! :) ) and with the bypass we are simply "rerouting" the intestines but not removing anything.  I guess invasiveness is in the eye of the beholder!

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