Gastric Plication/Imbrication V/s 3rd Liposuction with Pec Implants? (photo)

I am a student [Male,Current Stats:Age:23,BMI:27,Height:172cm,Weight:169lb,BF%:22].I wish to have a ripped physique [5% BF,6 pack abs,pectoral muscles].To battle central obesity,I have had abdominal lipo with gyno removal [Twice].After 1 year,all the fat has returned alongwith the gyno.I DO NOT want to undergo lipo again only to regain the lost fat. My city does not have mega lipo/VASER surgeons. Am I a candidate for Gastric Plication/ Imbrication? Or should I have another lipo?

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Surgery for poor physique not a good idea

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The plastic surgeon who operated on you is a charlatan.  Why would you even think of having another liposuction when it didn't work two times?   Your BMI is not high enough for you to even consider bariatric surgery.  Spend your money on a personal trainer.

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