I've Had Multiple Pre-Op Consults, What Is My Gastric Bypass Wait Period If I've Moved Since Then?

i have been attempting to get gastric bypass for over 3 years now. i have also moved 3 times in between. hence.. gone to three different hospitals. okay i am settled now and would like to being the process again. but i live nowhere near any of these hospitals i was seen at previously.. so how can i get my surgery without having to go through the info sessions and psych appts again? would records transfer??

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Help! Can't I just get my surgery?

Honestly, I see both sides of the argument here.  Many surgeons no longer require you to come to an information session as they provide them on-line or in DVD form.  It really is surgeon dependent.  The reason they generally want you to come to their information seminar is that they will explain more about their philosophies and pre-operative and post-opertive programs.  I personally think it is important for a patient to know the treatment methods of the surgeon who is going to do their surgery and I want my patients to know what to expect from OUR program.

Unfortunately I know a few surgeons who would be willing to operate on you if they haven't seen you before.  I would be REALLY cautious about seeing that surgeon!  Having said that, I would guess that you could find a surgeon in your area that would be willing to take the information from your other visits and not make you repeat any testing.  In my practice, I would say it depends on the quality of the testing that you have had previously and how recent it has been.  If the reports are quality reports and the information is under a year old I don't really see a need to repeat it.

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