Best Gastric Bypass Surgeon in USA?

For a patient with high BMI, diabetes, heart murmur looking for the best gastric bypass surgeon to help. Who do you recommend?

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Who is THE BEST?

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My friend, I can promise you that if you ask Dr. X who is the best gastric bypass surgeon, his/her answer will be "You mean besides me!"  :)  By nature, surgeons tend to a be a bit egotistical (shocking I know!) so we all think we're the best.  While I don't think this is right, I understand it, because it does take a certain personality to have the confidence to cut somebody open, rearrange their parts, and then put them back together again.  And besided, would you want to go to a surgeon who DIDN'T think they were the best?!?!

There is no list that comes out that ranks gastric bypass surgeons, so anyone that tells you they are "The Best" is just giving you their personal opinion.  Here are some tips to find a good surgeon:

1)  Are they a Center of Excellence (COE) surgeon?  While this designation doesn't gaurantee that they will be a good surgeon, it is, in my opinion, a reasonable place to start.  It is not easy to become a COE surgeon so those that aren't dedicated to the field tend to shy away from the challenge.  In order to become a COE surgeon you have to partner with a COE hospital, which means the hospital will also be able to handle your challenging case.

2)  Are they experienced?  I do believe that the more cases that you do, the better you get at them.  For the routine case, this probably doesn't make as much of a difference, but I do believe it becomes important for the more challenging cases.  If you have seen something before you are more likely to recognize it the second time and know how to deal with it better.  Have they ever operated on a patient that is similar to you?  If so, what was the outcome?  If a surgeon becomes offended if you ask questions about their results and outcomes, GO SEE ANOTHER SURGEON! 

3)  Where are they located?  If you live more than 2 hours from your surgeons office you are less likely to go back for follow-up which I STRONGLY believe hurts your chances at long term success.  I think patients should start by looking locally and they begin to spread out their search if they can't find someone locally.

4)  Do they have a strong pre-operative program?  Many times you can "optimize" the patient before surgery to lower the chance of operative and post-operative complications.  This may involve having them see certain specialists before surgery of getting them to lose some weight.

5)  Does the hospital they operate have the facilities to take care of your needs?  Even in the tough cases, most patients come through the surgery fine.  It is in the post-operative period that patients can get into trouble.  Are there cardiologists, intensivists, nephrologists, gastroenterologists, radiologists, etc readily available to help in the event there are post-op complications?  Is the hospital equipped to handle heavy patients?  

This should give you a good start to finding "The Best" surgeon for you!  Good luck. 

Corpus Christi Bariatric Surgeon

Best Gastric Bypass Surgeon in USA

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