Gastric Bypass Revision

I had the gastric bypass in 2002 and went from 330 to 160. I got pregnant and had 2 girls back to back. I regained some of my weight and stay around 220 to 230. My insurance company PHCS will not approve a revision. Is there a way to prove that a revision is medically necessary? I have had a few complications. I think I have a hernia and have have a lot of blockage.

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Revision of gastric bypass and insurance approval

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About 20 - 30 % of gastric bypass patients regain weight.    The most common reasons for weight gain are stretching of the gastric pouch and and the stoma or connection between the stomach and small intestines.  The Band over the Bypass is the best option for revision.  A surgeon experienced in revision surgery should know how to get this procedure covered by your insurance.  I recommend you seek out a very experienced revision surgeon like myself.

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