Gastric Bypass and Diabetes

Recently read that Gastric Bypass surgery can often reverse Diabetes, is that true?

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Can gastric bypass "reverse" diabetes

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One important reason to consider gastric bypass over other operations is its ability to change sugar control in the body via changes is metabolic hormones, therefore this sugery is also regarded as metabolic surgery.

Like gastric bypass, duodenal switch or DS is also very powefull at controlling or placing diabetes in remission, in fact DS is even better with a remission rate of 98% or so;Gastric Bypass has a remission rate of 85% or so.

Gastric Bypass places diabetes in remission or "reverses" diabetes by more than just loosing weight, the changes that are created in the small intestine level create additional powerfull changes in the circulating level of the body's own hormones that allow the body to better control sugar.  

Houston General Surgeon

Gastric bypass cures diabetes

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Gastric bypass places diabetes in "remission". Patients that have had diabetes for less than 10 years will usually lose their diabetes by the time they leave the hospital after having bariatric surgery. Patients that have had diabetes for greater than 10 years will have significant improvements in their blood sugars and hemoglobin A1C however they may not completely be off all of their medications. Long-term diabetes can damage the portion of the pancreas that creates insulin.

I have many patients that have been cured of their diabetes. In particular, I had a patient who had diabetes for approximately 5 years and was on an insulin pump getting about eight units of insulin per hour. By the time he left the hospital he was no longer on any medications for his diabetes.

David Buchin, MD
Long Island Bariatric Surgeon

Gastric Bypass cures diabetes

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Yes gastric bypass is very effective at curing type 2 adult onset diabetes in over 90% of patients.  So patients come from the hospital off their diabetes medications.

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