Gastric Bypass and then a Pregnancy Diet?

How will the diet during pregnancy be different? How will that affect the weight loss from gastric bypass surgery? Does this change ones metabolism? Is it possible to keep the weight within the expected ranges during pregnancy? What are the challenges?

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Gastric Bypass and Pregnancy

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As long as a patient is at least a year out from their weight loss surgery when they get pregnant, they should not have to change their diet during the pregnancy.  As long as baby's growth is normal, mom does not need to gain a significant amount of weight during the pregnacy.  The latest recommendations suggest that as little as 20 lbs can be gained during pregnancy and the baby is not affected.  Where I see patients get in trouble is when they use the pregnancy as an opportunity to revert to old habits of poor food choices and grazing (eating small amounts all day long).  Many women will also stop exercising during the pregnancy which is just the opposite of what they should do (unless advised by their OB due to medical concerns!).  This is the perfect recipe for gaining a LOT of weight during the pregnancy which will be more challenging to get off after the baby is born.  I advise patients to gain no more than 25 lbs with the pregnancy because that will come off quickly once the baby is born, especially if mom is breastfeeding!  Don't worry, the pregnancy won't affect your metabolism and you should be able to lose any "pregnancy weight" after you give birth. 

Just a couple more things to keep in mind.  Don't stop taking your vitamins and minerals during the pregnancy.  You are very likely to need some extra iron after the baby comes so make sure you get some bloodwork to check your iron levels after the baby is born.  Also, don't let them do something called a "Glucose Tolerance Test" if they are concerned you have gestational diabetes!  They will have you drink a big glass of fluid that has a LOT of sugar in it and you will have the worst case of the Dumping Syndrome EVER!  There are some other tests they can do to see if you have gestational diabetes (if they are worried about it) besides the glucose tolerance test so make sure they know you have had a gastric bypass.

Good luck and congratulations!

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