Is It Possible to Have a Gastric Bypass Done Again After 9 Years?

I had surgery in 2001 and lost over 160 lbs. I kept it off for 5 years but got pregnant in 2006 and have slowly gained almost 100 lbs back over the last 3+ years. I would like to know if its possible to repeat the surgery again or to do the surgery through the mouth which I have seen done at the Ohio State University by doctors?

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Revision of previous gastric bypass surgery

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There are many options to help patients that regain weight after gastric bypass surgery.  The most common procedures include the ROSE procedure done endoscopically through the mouth and placement of a Lap-Band over your gastric bypass.  The last resort is surgically resecting the gastric pouch which carries very high risks.  The StomaphyX performed at Ohio State University does not work.  It is important to seek out a doctor with a large experience with revision surgery and offers many options.

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