How Much Does a Gastric Band Cost?

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Costs of Lap-Band

Most insurance companies in NY State cover Lap-Band surgery.  For patients that need to pay out-of-pocket our cash pay price is $15,000 to have it performed in Manhattan.  We also perform the surgery often through the belly button with no scars. Single Incision Lap-Band Surgery.  Prices vary throughtout the US.  Always remember the cheapest is not best.  Experience plays a big role in choosing a bariatric surgeon.

Long Island Bariatric Surgeon
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Cost of gastric banding

There is a wide range of costs, but you must consider what you are getting for the money you spend.  Typical charges include the surgeon, hospital and anesthesiologist's fees.  Additional considerations are the followup care, the cost of fills if they are not included in the initial price and the cost of any complications.  At our center in North Carolina, our fee for the hospital, anesthesiologist and surgeon as well as one year of followup and band adjustments is around $14,000.  Complication insurance can be purchased for an additional fee.

Ryan Heider, MD
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Cost of gastric banding

Costs vary.  It can be as cheap as $6000 in Mexico, and can go as high as $25000 and more in the USA.  Our center in Michigan charges about $12,000, including surgeon's fee, anesthesiologist's fee, and all hospital charges.

Mark Pleatman, MD
Bloomfield Hills Bariatric Surgeon
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