1 year after Rhino/Septoplasty I have a pinching feeling on the bridge of my nose whenever I laugh or smile, is this normal?

I had surgery march 2013 I got it for the bump on my nose and because I had a deviated septum and couldnt breath out of my right nostril. Sense I have had surgery, I now have a deviated septum & cant breath from my LEFT nostril I still have a bump at the bridge of my nose & it gets bigger & bigger with healing I have a harder time breathing than before and it feels not only weird but it hurts to laugh and smile because I get this pinching feeling on my bridge, Is this normal, what can I do?

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May need a revision of your septorhinoplasty

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It is possible that your septoplasty was under corrected or you have a recurrence of turbinate hypertrophy.  In any event you will need to have an internal nasal examination to determine the extent of your problem.  It is also possible that you are experiencing a degree of collapse of the internal nasal valve. 


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taylor1994, the first thing I would advise is for you to make an appointment with the your surgeon and discuss these issues. should you've find this visit to be unhelpful then I would suggest you would obtain a copy of your photos and operative note and see several facial plastics specialist.  Make sure they have at least 10 years of experience.  Make sure you check out their website before the visit to see if you like there pre-and postoperative photos. Good luck!

M. Sean Freeman, MD
Charlotte Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Breathing worse

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You should either return to see your surgeon and/or seek a second opinion from another experienced rhinoplasty surgeon. There are so many variables and so much information that is not available here that it is impossible to give meaningful advice other than that.

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